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Buying cars - need help please

2022.01.27 23:56 nsnmsmamxkanc Buying cars - need help please

I was looking at buying some cars - I know some are used but is there a way to see estimated repair costs or repairs needed before buying it? Also are any of the AWD group B cars ever for sale as brand new? Thanks.
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2022.01.27 23:56 pkbeamgamma New end of day step counter summary sticker. Thoughts?

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2022.01.27 23:56 svanapps Fidelity Seeks SEC Approval for Metaverse ETF

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2022.01.27 23:56 zzSLASHDOWNzz First wand made of an Ash branch

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2022.01.27 23:56 camelspanjur $25 in cro with this code! jb9sfz65qw 💰 on crypto.com app (:

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2022.01.27 23:56 TheOtherKurt Yo homies, you don't need a secret code for Exdash! (See comments.)

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2022.01.27 23:56 spinach30 what is your least favorite tv show?

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2022.01.27 23:56 ViceCity15 Whats wrong with my seed tray?

Hey everyone
So I planted 43 seeds (6 seeds of 7 varieties) in a 72-cell seed tray.
The problem is some of the seed cells will dry out really fast so I have to spray them twice a day or so. Some of them have stayed moist for 5+ days because I bottom-watered them.
Do you think there is something wrong with the heat mat or seed tray? I planted everything on the 19th and so far have about 7 sprouts (4 pepperoncinis, 2 chocolate bhutlah CS, and 1 giant white hab) and they started on day 6. Do you think the other seeds will sprout even though they have been pretty moist for so long?
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2022.01.27 23:56 Tasty_Court1326 Soundboard

Anyone know free and safe soundboard like soundpad?
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2022.01.27 23:56 StahpTouchinMeh Aimer to appear on THE FIRST TAKE tonight (Friday) 2200 JST

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2022.01.27 23:56 jrcraft__ [Grade 12: Claculus-1] Is there something I'm missing here? I must be overcounting.

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2022.01.27 23:56 Rocinante1978 Addison Rae

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2022.01.27 23:56 cheddarpax confused about our “situationship” or whatever

i (f19) met this guy (m21) on tinder and we’ve been talking for about a month now. he said he wants to know me better and hopes that we can be an official couple, but since we aren’t official at the moment, i’m just wondering what to call our “situationship” basically. we’ve been hanging out and doing cute stuff together every saturday, we call each other almost every day, sometimes our hangouts lead to sex, so i don’t know if this is a casual relationship atm or if we’re “just friends” or i don’t know. i do want a long term relationship out of this and i think it’s safe to say that he wants one too? and i get it, he said it himself that he wants to take his time and feel what’s right and get to know me better.
idk i’m scared that he might change his mind or whatever about being in an official relationship with me down the road. any advice? lol🥲
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2022.01.27 23:56 Crazy_CanadianCanuck dating advice

got a friend i like and want to tell i like but also don't wanna ruin our friendship if she says no, any advice?
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2022.01.27 23:56 SilveredFlame Holy crap this game is intense!

Saw someone playing this game and it piqued my interest in as big way. Steam was having a sale so I bought it and holy crap!
Just finished my first play through and holy crap that storm is intense!
I thought I was in a decent spot (though I never stopped trying to get even more stuff stockpiled, because that's just my approach to everything... Hope for the best, expect the worst)... My coal supply was steady with a roughly 15k stockpile, only about 2k wood (which I got really annoyed when everyone wanted wood because it was supposed to be 1440, but it completely cleaned me out so I had to start the wall drillers back up), steel was always a challenge (never had more than 1k stockpiled, and usually it was bottlenecking me) but it was coming in quickly enough that delays were minimal. I had stumbled on an ongoing steam core supply that, while limited, allowed me to ramp up production, but the food...
The food scared me.
The whole game my food supply had hovered around 300-500, and I needed to stockpile over 3,000?!?! I had hesitated using hunters because I didn't like the idea of sending people out into the cold at night (thought for sure that would be a high fatality profession but apparently not). I quickly built and researched better hunters and managed to stockpile almost 6,000 food before the storm hit.
I was still worried though because when I was given the goal of a little over 3,000, my population had been MUCH smaller. Hundreds of refugees and scattered survivors joined us as the storm approached while I scrambled to build and upgrade housing, increase coal production (somehow), ensure everyone was kept warm in the increasingly bitter cold, all while watching with dread as that gray doom relentlessly, slowly, inevitable bore down on us.
I was grateful for the additional population in spite of the additional challenges of presented, as it allowed me to greatly increase production, though I did have to also expand my medical facilities from a single infirmary to 5. I even scavenged steam cores from the wall drillers to build them as I had already reassigned the team that had been gathering them.
This was it, we were on our own.
While I had put the kids to work, I tried my best to use them as little as possible outside the hot houses and cook houses, and NEVER anything more dangerous than simply picking up supplies.
When they stole food for their families as the storm approached and some argued for their exile, I simply posted guards to prevent further thefts.
Not a single person who started a fight, or stole supplies, or went on a drunken tear, not a one was treated harshly. These were difficult times, and the people needed to see that turning on each other was not the answer. If we were going to survive, it was going to take ALL of us.
The people appreciated the guard patrols, and the prison had been empty for so long that I just closed it, eventually tearing it down to build an additional coal thumper. The propaganda ministry worked hard to keep the people's spirits high. The worker foremen did their best to keep everyone motivated, and the agitators reminded everyone what was at stake.
Not even the occasional vandal would deter us!
We didn't even curb freedom of speech! People were able to, and sometimes did, speak their minds in perhaps dangerous ways.
But we would not abandon who we were! We could not abandon the very things which have us strength if we were to survive!
I felt such a hypocrite, insisting to everyone that while our situation was dire, we would survive, when I myself wondered if we were truly doomed.
As the storm approached and we hunkered down, abandoning whatever else might be outside our walls, I wondered just how cold it would get.
To save coal I had ordered our generator only be run at 75% capacity, and with the improvements we had made to insulation and some well placed steam hubs, most homes and workplaces stayed comfortable.
Our medical facilities had finally finished treating the last of the injured and sick refugees we had welcomed, and for a moment it seemed like maybe things would be OK after all.
Then someone's daughter had run away. How she was able to escape our security perimeter I will never know, nor will I ever forgive myself. Her panicked father pleaded with me for permission to go and find her. How could I refuse? I insisted he take some provisions.
Everyone knew it was suicide, but such a small community as ours... There wasn't a single person, not even those we had just welcomed in, who wasn't affected by this father's grief, or his daughter's disappearance. If our final act was to give him a fool's hope of finding her, we would give him that gift.
It seemed fitting, in an odd way. As if it were the daunting task before all of us laid bare in such a small and simple way. We were all this father, and we were all the wayward daughter. We had to believe there was hope for them, if for no other reason than to cling to the delusion that there was hope for us.
I don't know that anyone quite realized exactly when the storm first hit. It just seemed like it had just been getting colder and colder, and we were all focused on our work. Then suddenly it was so cold that even our generator at full capacity barely kept the chill away. Our goal consumption skyrocketed.
But it seemed our determination, our sacrifices, had carried the day after all! Our belies were full, our homes and workplaces were warm, and while the fear was still very real, there was hope.
Then one of my chief engineers delivered the bad news. The storm wasn't finished with us yet, and what was coming was worse than we could imagine.
They say it is darkest before the dawn, but that isn't true.
When you are in the absolute darkest black of night, and begin to catch just a moment of light, of hope... It is darkest when that light fades. Never have I felt such despair.
But these people were counting on me and I wasn't going to let them down.
Then the unthinkable. Our coal mines were in danger of collapse because of the unthinkable cold. We had no choice but to try to shore them up, but it wasn't an order that could be given. The call went out for volunteers, and not a single person hesitated to answer that call.
They were all, even the children, given what was probably their final meal and a stiff drink as we toasted their bravery.
Not a single one survived. And while their efforts had helped, the danger was still considerable, and we needed more volunteers to finish their work.
Again, not a single person hesitated. This time we all knew they wouldn't be returning, but they went anyway. This time their send-off was even grander. The temperature had dropped again, and we all knew what would happen if they failed.
But they succeeded. The mines were saved.
The celebration that night was incredible. For a moment we all forgot our fears, we almost forgot the chill of the air which even the generator and heaters were having difficulty dispelling.
And then a miracle beyond anything any of us had dared dream possible... The father who had gone off in search of his daughter returned with her, alive!
For a scant few hours it seemed the whole city believed we could conquer anything this storm threw at us! Our resolve was unshakeable!
I played my part. I smiled and reassured everyone. I ordered the propaganda crews to spread news of this wonderful event and ensure there wasn't a soul in the city who remained unaware of it. I spoke of the many statues we would build as soon as the storm had passed to those brave souls who had sacrificed everything for us All.
But I knew the truth, and a few hours later when the storm unleashed its true fury on our poor town, so did everyone else.
Some people refused to work, wanting to pray or spend time with their families. I encouraged it. At this point, it didn't matter. Either we would survive or we would freeze.
I would not force a single person to spend their last moments away from their loved ones, or unable to prepare for the end by making peace with whatever God might be listening.
Soon, it was too cold for anyone to work anyway, and it was just as well. No one wanted to meet their end with a shovel filled with coal that would bring no warmth, or trying to invent something that would never be used.
So we all hunkered down.
No more anger. No more panic. No more hope.
Just quiet resignation and reflection as we waited for the end.
But it didn't come.
Never have I been so filled with rapturous joy simply to see the sun. It was the most beautiful thing any of us had ever seen.
We had weathered the storm. Somehow, we had pulled through.
Not all of us made it, and our infirmaries were filled and would be kept busy for some time, but we were still here.
It almost didn't seem real.
I was about to call for a celebration but they're was no need. People were already pouring out of their homes and into the streets, cheering and embracing each other.
They cheered the medical workers who had worked diligently through to care for the sick and injured. They cheered for the steelworkers who had helped build and gather more coal. They cheered the coal miners who had kept our generator fueled against all odds. They cheered the children and the hunters who had worked so hard filing our storehouses with the food that saw us through. They cheered the woodcutters who worked incredible hours, scrambling to provide the raw materials for the dozens of new homes needed for the refugees we had welcomed. They cheered the refugees for not hesitating to jump in and help wherever they could, even when they didn't even have shelter for themselves yet. They cheered the guards and engineers, the inventors and even the propaganda distributors. They even cheered for me, and none louder than the Londoners who had all, to a one, eventually decided to stay.
But no cheer was louder than the one which went up for the 45 brave souls who had given their lives to keep the mines open.
I have declared a day of celebration. Today we shall feast, and drink, and tell stories of bravery and sacrifice. Of duty and loyalty. Of ingenuity and wit. Of determination and grit. Of fear and of love.
Tomorrow we shall build a monument to the fallen. The promised statues will go up and a park shall be built so that we may all remember their sacrifice.
Then we will venture back out into the world and continue the work to rebuild our civilization.
Surely if we survived, others must have as well.
Hey if you made it this far thanks for reading. First time I've ever played this game and as I'm sure you can tell I had a blast. Can't wait to play again and see what faith has to offer.
At some point I'm sure I'll tackle the harder difficulty modes (though I played this one essentially as survivor as I didn't really save/load ever, although I didn't adjust the difficulty so it's whatever the default is) and the expansions and such but...
Whew, what a ride.
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2022.01.27 23:56 Dry-Supermarket7115 Bighest leftist turn in music history?

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2022.01.27 23:56 Temporary_Diver_8973 Toxic poisoning

I was poisoned by gadolinium which is a toxic metal found in MRI contrast dye. There are no gadolinium support groups here on Reddit so I thought I would ask her. There are only really two options for treatment one is chelation therapy in the other is vitamin supplementation. Is chelation therapy a valid solution? The toxic metal will not leave your body it doesn't not leave on its own and I'm scared out of my mind.
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2022.01.27 23:56 ZoolShop Ubisoft will shut down 'Hyper Scape' on April 28th

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2022.01.27 23:56 TheHistoryVoyagerPod I would like to have a conversation about the Atlanta thrashers for my podcast

I'm a podcaster whose favorite team in the whole world was the Atlanta thrashers. I moved my allegiance to the Winnipeg Jets. I would like to reminisce with a fellow Atlanta fan or a Winnipeg Jets fan about the Atlanta thrashers. I would like to talk about whether or not Atlanta will ever get another NHL team. You can DM me if you're interested.
Thanks for the interest
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2022.01.27 23:56 kuronekomurrakami Proof Garnt can be quoted to any situation

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2022.01.27 23:56 Will33iam Was looking through my wrap up and my most played game was the first game in platinumed.

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2022.01.27 23:56 nitrohorse [Amazon US] VIDIYO: Punk Pirate Beatbox (43103) $11.30/43%

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2022.01.27 23:56 No_Classic3903 We’ll I needed a new hobby anyway…

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2022.01.27 23:56 Yeahfilms12 Archie! [Nikon F100 • Nikkor 24mm f2.8D • Fuji C200]

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2022.01.27 23:56 eric_ar Need help getting national dex, only need 145-150. FT all apriballs, ability patches, gold bottle caps and masterballs.

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