We Need Someone New for Q&As

WE'RE ALMOST THERE. JUST A BIT MORE!!!!!⭒☆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━☆⭒ First Step Goods (Physical Merchandise)https://nijisanji-store.com ... A brand new gated master planned community in the Foothills of Northeast Mesa located on McKellips Road just east of the Red Mountain 202 Freeway • From the high $600's • 480-750-3000. Visit Community Site. View Virtual Tours. Reserve at Red Rock – COMING 2022! We’re a Human-Powered Brewery. New Belgium has been a human-powered company from the beginning. Before our founders ever sold a bottle of beer, they hiked into Rocky Mountain National Park with a jug of home brew to outline the values that would shape our brewery. As a certified B Corp, New Belgium continues its commitment to being a brewery ... We support teams of educators with bold visions for new schools that will change the odds for students in communities across America. Our definition of an innovative school is broad and we know the schools each community needs won’t look the same. We fund the design of new public schools – both district and charter.

2022.01.27 23:06 justchasingentropy We Need Someone New for Q&As

No hate on Ziggy, but that Q&A was painful to watch, and it's pretty obvious he's checked out of PoE mentally. He barely plays the game anymore and judging by his reactions, he doesn't even follow what's going on in the game (he had no idea what Nem4 was). The PoE community has plenty of streamers that are still invested in the game, it would have been nice to see a Q&A from one of them.
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2022.01.27 23:06 TPonder2600 Thought I would share this argument I had with a MJ hater on another sub. He made a post saying that Michael didn’t dance well and all of his moves are simple hip movements. This guy is insane lol.

Thought I would share this argument I had with a MJ hater on another sub. He made a post saying that Michael didn’t dance well and all of his moves are simple hip movements. This guy is insane lol. submitted by TPonder2600 to MichaelJackson [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 23:06 sunnyandglad Grad School Note Taking

Any tips for taking notes in grad school? Exploring different means but wondering if anyone has found something that works really well for them? The amount of reading is a lot and trying to learn how to take adequate notes
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2022.01.27 23:06 professionalThalio [WP] You and many other different intelligent species were abducted by a feared tyrannical alien race. Now you're forced to sit behind a glass cage for their species to ogle and study. Just what are these "humans" and the giant prisons they call "zoo"?

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2022.01.27 23:06 yukino_626 .

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2022.01.27 23:06 Nigeldingleberry D3 looking to push to master. NA servers

Can't get past d2 by myself looking for teammates
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2022.01.27 23:06 B1tterCherry Skelepuppy (Art by me @bitterrcherry on Insta/@BitterCherryy on Twitter)

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2022.01.27 23:06 worldnewsbot Poland says 115-mile border wall to be finished in June with round-the-clock construction

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2022.01.27 23:06 Realistic_Tear_756 My opinion on Kagami

Kagami is awesome she's a few character in the show who know how to dress her hair is cut is adorable and her relationship with adrien is lovely she's independent and know what she want but i hate the fact that the show treat her like an Asian stereotype her everyday outfit is literally a school uniform which is eh why can't they just give her regular cloth like everybody else but aside from that i think she's awesome and i wanna see more especially she's my only form of representation and i wish the writer would treat her better.
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2022.01.27 23:06 Looking4MyPet Robert Plant - Ship Of Fools -with lyrics (Some of the best lyrics in a pop song)

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2022.01.27 23:06 dapper-ezran 😳🗿

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2022.01.27 23:06 HeliosHorribledude Criminal Cogs -SeeTHe- Roster so far

Helios Horribledude - yours truly, plays rushdown or defense
Ky Dripske (bitchass daughterf**ker) - "most honest" character, has a bazillion overheads but only one low.
April - yells "KILL!" while summoning sharks
Axl Low - literally the same guy
Chips ArEnough - go be a shinobi-san, sushi
Zwiehander - President Michael's top mercenary, a big grump who has all command grabs and who hates birds.
Laust - travelling doctor who's every move has to work with some form of RNGesus, except for his move "I Vaguely Know What This Could Be"
Millia Calm - a bird (metaphorically)
Zato=\=2 - freaky dude who traded his eyesight for the power of Light Monster Freddy
Heifersafe Valentine - uses her two giant guns that look like swords to keep the opponent in the corner
Leonidas Reinhardt - his Bringhilded Stance, where he stands on his hands, gives him an edge
NaGoreRiyuki - a werewolf samurai who can't control his canine tendencies. His wolf gauge increases exponentially when he is in a nighttime stage.
Jotaro - President Colin Obama's bodyguard, she is incredibly minus but can kill you in three hits.
Andi Mibro - dances for no reason other than a Taunt
I-Know - an extremely depressed bitch who wants to mix you up but fakes it instead.
Silverlouis Penisson - the casket-swinging Secretary of Absolutely F**king Defense
Elphett Valentine - my love interest and total rushdown
Happy Chaos - Literally the same guy (these dimension hoppers, smh)
Brazilian Ken - nicknamed Bacon, a one-legged samurai who tethers you to her with a fricking long piece of rope for no reason
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2022.01.27 23:06 akechi_enjoyer sus

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2022.01.27 23:06 chiachips22 Since when does being single constitute being lonely? And desperate?

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2022.01.27 23:06 ksudirtyj Free live music atmospheres

Looking to take my lady out to a baclub that has good food and live music. Preferably free or with a small cover charge. Any recommendations?
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2022.01.27 23:06 amanda19_transgirl is it illegal if i run away?? (18 year old trans f)

hi, i've been thinking of running away because of my family never accepting me and hurting me always, i turned 18 on august 2021, is it illegal if i do it??
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2022.01.27 23:06 ItachiUchiha140 Mid/prime icon pack

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2022.01.27 23:06 Booyah61902 Affordable and Safe Area to Live in SF?

Hey everyone! I am going to work for a company in Financial Districts in July or August.
That is why I want to know all options I can have to rent an affordable studio apartment around SF. My budget is around $1500 - $1800. I also want to make sure that I live in a safe area.
However, I am still new to SF. I just know that: - Tenderloin and Mission District are not safe to live. - Lower Nob Hill is 50-50 depending on the streets. (That's why I know the term TenderNob) - Nob Hill and SOMA are safe areas, but more expensive Thank you for your help :)
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2022.01.27 23:06 BageIBoy Ex Bf Keeps Showing Up Unannounced

I broke up with him over a week ago yet every few days he keeps coming back over here. Once he came around 9pm and my mom invited him in so I ran downstairs and kicked him out. Today he came around 4pm and I told everyone to ignore him ringing the doorbell and wait for him to leave.
This has become so aggravating and disgusting, I’ve should have read these red flags earlier in our 3 month relationship. He was always extremely clingy and made me stay over at his place too many times. I don’t care what his reasons are, I just want to be left alone.
I don’t know if he’s violent or not but he has a history of “play fighting” with his sisters. I do not think he sees women as real people since he constantly calls us “females.” I think he sees me as property. The way he talks about women are just sure signs he’s misogynistic. I got so sick of him trying to control me, trying to tell me what to wear, never listening to me yet he overexposed his life and his interests to me. He’s gross and he was trying to change me during our relationship. I got so uncomfortable with everything he’d say about anything. Everything was against my morals. He constantly mansplained to me and it was obvious he knew nothing about what he was talking about. I can’t be with an abusive compulsive liar who can’t take a hint when he’s not wanted. If he tries anything one more time I’m calling the cops because I’m terrified.
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2022.01.27 23:06 Schrodingers_Katarn Recent convert

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2022.01.27 23:06 streetarchive Screen Shot: Ligue des Nobles — New interview

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2022.01.27 23:06 basspl8 To everyone who makes a post clearly stating they made an alternate account so the person/people they mention in the post won't see it, based on the context and accuracy of the post, won't they be able to tell anyway?

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2022.01.27 23:06 pete_norm Good Delve build to go to depth 350-400

In 3.16, I played a Cyclone COC VD necro (burning witch build) and used it to do a lot of Delve. I liked Delving a lot and plan to do it again in 3.17. I'm not planning to go at crazy depth, mostly lateral delving at depth 350 to 400 as a moneyaker for my other builds.
I had planned to start league with a warchief earthbreaker totem build to use as a boss killer but I just realized that totems won't even attack monsters in darkness at all. Which means no leech and no sustain... So not good to delve with.
Does anyone have a good delve build to propose? Not looking for a darkness farmer but I want something that has enough Regen/leech/Regen on hit to be able to get to fractured walls easily.
I looked around a bit on Google but didn't really find any good info.
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2022.01.27 23:06 breakingpoint26 Success can take a lifetime, but there are plenty of really young successful people with grand accomplishments. Also an open letter to this “society”.

The path to success is lonely, but most people don’t go through it completely alone….
Unfortunately, our starting circumstances in life are completely out of control. This can make transitioning to independence/success as an adult harder as well.
Life can deal us some shit cards, and if I could I’d shove the cards that life gave me right up it’s ass. IDGAF if it’s “God trying to challenge me”. I have never actually heard an answer back from praying to God, perhaps it is all psychological/chemical reactions that make us think we “feel God”. Because one time I did but it wore off after a few hours after I started watching “sinful” shows.
This is Reddit, it is overly common to see outliers, because this is naturally where people come to talk about their unique circumstances.
Sometimes I feel like they want me to be like them, like the incels. I hate their ideology, but I grew up massively bullied and have also been told how “ugly” I am a lot. That and being stunted in every other aspect of life keeps me from even being able to make any serious attempts at dating, or even general social (too insecure to even try and make friends, because I realize I’m too much of a manchild for 26, regardless of it being due to abuse or trauma or whatever or not).
If my brain has been rewired to completely convince me of negative and depressing outcomes being true and inevitable, it feels disturbingly real to me, and it’s not like I have enough “real” experience to counteract and debunk those thoughts/beliefs/feelings.
All the teens and young 20s having romantic and sexual relationships, are kind of legendary to me, including (hell ESPECIALLY) the lesser looking and/or more awkward ones.
Guys, I don’t care if you’re not getting women who are “10s” (stupid rating system). The fact that any women are into you as more than a friend (not to downplay or devalue friendship) ESPECIALLY at such a young age, is pretty fucking amazing.
You don’t want to be in your 30s or 40s, lonely and/or celibate, you don’t want that in your mid 20s even.
But, what’s REALLY MINDBLOWING, is when you’re teens or young 20s, launch a successful career, start a successful business, or create an innovative, revolutionary, new product or service that quickly goes viral. Instead of having to spend years or decades BEFORE that MAYBE happens.
And if you don’t make it that big, you’re still enjoying other things. Some of you are living with your parents, even unemployed sometimes, and you’re in romantic/sexual relationships, you’re going to parties and have social lives (I’m not entirely sure if I’m TRULY as introverted as I feel, or if it’s just from years of being bullied and isolated and preferring the safety of my own space).
IDGAF what anyone says, “basic” things are big accomplishments, driving a car (ESPECIALLY in high populated/traffic areas, even more so with high rates of road rage and car wrecks).
Holding a job, any job. Especially in this (US) at-will employment culture, where you can be fired for literally no reason at all, or protected discrimination that you simply cannot prove in a court of law.
Unions were formed for reasons. Everyone having to compete to be the best of the best just for basic survival, worsened even more by inflation. And now a virus is bringing the 1% to their knees (at least a little bit, maybe?).
D’oh, I feel like I’m on a different plane of existence than the majority of people, my physical body is in your world, but my consciousness isn’t your level of reality/existence.
That’s why we don’t always understand each other, maybe that’s why I’m so often ignored or overtalked, I’m not really completely here, I’m in between planes of existence.
I do not get to willingly choose to travel planes, maybe it’d actually be epic if I did. But no, forces beyond my control have my fate of where I am in their hands, or whatever those higher dimensional bastards have.
It’s hell having your physical being and your conscious being separated between planes of existence, it makes for a very stressful and progressively more unbearable existence.
Maybe if I could absorb the full effect of psychedelics, I could fully ascend, even if just temporarily, and see what the hell is going on up here, and perhaps, a clearer picture of what is going on down here.
But the drugs I was put on, so very long ago, will most certainly block any psychedelic reaction, and probably just give me serotonin syndrome, further damaging me, my vessel (body, including the physical brain, separate from the conscious) and for all I know, probably damaging/traumatizing my conscious itself.
I’ll only be damaged more by your “doctors” who call themselves psychiatrists, I’ll never be able to experience a fully clean, natural state of existence while residing in your mortal realm, I will either be further corrupted/lost by more pharmaceuticals, or from the ridiculous withdrawal of said pharmaceuticals.
I do not want to just “accept my fate” like some of you seem to advocate for (perhaps you are actually the minority and I just hear views I’m afraid of louder because I already believe them myself in the first place).
Your “civilized society” is quite ridiculous, I must say. But, it would be nice, to experience the “full experience”, I guess just because at least part of me is human?
I would prefer to not be significantly further along the biological state of deterioration, before being able to experience such things, such as “making love” and the joy of a companion (of the female side, because I am a male who feels most attracted to the opposite sex, I’m sorry but we’re not all as open in our sexual orientations, no discrimination or anything).
Your world is quite confusing, your politics are ridiculous, your “survival of the fittest” attitude/mindset does NOT mesh well with the “civilization” or modern society that your (our?) species has constructed AT ALL, and the push of big Pharma and social media have only further disrupted our natural states of humanity.
And the 1% elites, only further deteriorate our (your?) species.
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2022.01.27 23:06 Alcomvick The Best Science Photography Hands Down

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