The Witcher Season 2 Premiere - Lauren Schmidt Hissrich on Mystery, Monsters and Geralt's new role

2021.12.03 08:29 JamesFernandez_92 The Witcher Season 2 Premiere - Lauren Schmidt Hissrich on Mystery, Monsters and Geralt's new role

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2021.12.03 08:29 GhostOfJoeMcCann What’re your favourite videos from here?

I’ve been feeling a bit blue lately, think it’s all the dark nights but I was wondering what’s everyone’s favourite local video of people being mental in only a way people from the North/NI can be.
I’ll always love the Bin Hoker video from way back in the day.
Personally though, it’s gotta be either the ‘Gimme a Kebab’ girl or that Bouncer tellin the lad to ‘Fuck up, or y’ell nat get in anywur!’
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2021.12.03 08:29 alexander_the_dead I hate when they do this

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2021.12.03 08:29 not_into_that I can not believe the crap going on with exchanges. This has to be bad for business.

If Charles Schwab kept your money or investments inaccessible for a month do you think that there would be congressional hearings?
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2021.12.03 08:29 JimtheArtist Hide and Seek

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2021.12.03 08:29 backboardchivalry28 Fluensuere - a place where products & influencers meet | Find a trustworthy influencer to promote your product | Find a client for your blog

Fluensuere - a system that connects perceptive projects & influencers!
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All categories have a user-friendly interface & stats tracking!
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Wait for the launch of the Fluensuere platform token - $FSUR!
Follow the development of the project at fluensure dot io
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2021.12.03 08:29 lucky666123 new faith
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2021.12.03 08:29 Training-Amount7911 dm me

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2021.12.03 08:29 JablesMcBootee People's anger isn't towards Alchemy's existence, but to how they're treating the Client and their Player base.

I'm making this post to clarify some concepts that can be easily misunderstood in this whole Alchemy discourse:
The majority of players don't care if you invent a new format to put on Arena, but it's how deaf you seem towards your own player base that pisses us off.
Your client is full of issues that you keep ignoring in favor of focusing your dev team on a format no one asked. And I know, Devs do what they're told to do from above, they work on what they're to told work. But this is getting out of hand.
Magic Arena has a lot of issues, issues we constantly bring up in discussions that have already become the norm. The missing basic features that your client has, like a functional friend list and chat, a spectator mode, a friendly and functional interface for the main screen. Constant stability issues, a shop that takes forever to open. Let's put issues related to the economy (which we all know are many) and let's focus on the game: How can a game like Legends of Runeterra be so refined in every aspect compared to Arena? Why do the developers there actually listen to their own fanbase?
The only format you should be working on adding is Pioneer. We get it, the client doesn't support multiplayer. We get it, you don't have the time to add all of Modern legal cards. Yet you have the resources to add the entire Jumpstart set to the client, create the Jumpstart Horizons set designing cards from scratch with digital-only mechanics, bring in Modern Horizon 1 and 2 cards, and design a new format where you rebalance strong and weak cards. The lack of resources for Pioneer's implementation is an excuse. You just don't think it would be profitable.
The excuse I'm seeing too often is "If you don't like it don't play it" but that's not the point of the conversation. Arena was supposed to be the modern equivalent of Hearthstone and other digital card games, but it's failing to do so by giving the players a poorly designed client full of false hopes.
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2021.12.03 08:29 TH3_V3GAS Turn your GameBoy into a SYNTH

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2021.12.03 08:29 _humble_being_ I would try human meat.

Don't get me wrong. It's pure speculation. Assuming the meat is somehow obtain legally and prepared by a chef, I would try it. I gues it would be just a slightly different tasting meat than what we use to it, but still I'm curious. Imagine, you get serve perfectly cooked good quality piece of human meat ( all legal, no string attached, full anonymity, no judgment ) Would you try it?
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2021.12.03 08:29 Squid747843 Reshiram 0242 3156 2369

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2021.12.03 08:29 Halur10000 Seems like swamp and wasteland biomes don't spread

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2021.12.03 08:29 Goth_GRRRL I hate having autism (Vent)

I hate myself so fucking much, and its all because I was born retarded. It just makes me some sensitive crybaby who will break down every second of the day or this oblivious stupid person who can't take a fucking hint.
All my issues would be solved if I just wasn't autistic, I wouldn't been abused, I would've kept so many friends at school, I would actually be somewhere in life and my family would actually be fucking proud of me.
I wanna kill myself because of this. I hate it so much
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2021.12.03 08:29 VBP-VeryBoredPerson Cracking Audio

After the update for Endwalker, the in game audio got distorted. Everything, from the music to the sound effects, is now cracking and popping. Never had this issue before and all other applications are working fine. Tried to change output device: No change Tried to ceck their drivers (they were all up to date) : No change Tried to verify system files: No change Tried to repair the game: No change
Possible solutions?
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2021.12.03 08:29 Tsupercalifragilisti Holup, brother... Understandable. Have a Nice Day.

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2021.12.03 08:29 Jarred425 Buff the Chaingun or nerf the Lasher or both

This is more of a debate than a suggestion however it is in regards to 2 of the rival heavy weapons for heavy assaults in the game with the iconic T7 Mini Chaingun for the Terran Republic and the Lasher X2 for the Vanu Sovereignty.
The Lasher is considered by some as the best of the 3 heavy weapons in the game as it's pretty much busted having an infinite ammo pool/heat system, high accuracy, and splash damage. The MCG is still a fun weapon to use but isn't always practical having to spin up when firing and not having the best accuracy but makes up for it with it's constant heavy fire. It actually once literally received a nerf when it already wont that great!
Normally when discussing stat changes I try not to call for something being nerfed on a faction I don't main as that be a bit hypocritical being a TR main and I've seen what nerf demands have done to us. However the Lasher in all honesty needs it when compared to the Chaingun and Jackhammer. For a Lasher nerf to balance it out I'd give it a lower range and give it an ammo pull like the Seeker but still having its heat mechanic, or remove its splash damage in enchange for better direct damage and still give it an ammo pool.
For a Chaingun buff it mainly should have a slight damage buff and its BRRT attachment given an upgrade to where it makes the Chaingun barrels spin all the time and allows it to spin up faster at 0.5 seconds the cost of accuracy, an additional attachment I have in mind is another ammunition which is the Explosive Ammunition like on the Dragoon that comes at a price of the mag size being lowered to 80 but the stats are similar to the Dragoon with only 100 direct damage and still 75 splash damage, this allows the Chaingun to rapidly fire explosive bullets at range making it actually a bit more of a rival for the Lasher.
If anyone has their own ideas feel free to comment but no toxicity.
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2021.12.03 08:29 cubiccapacity i present to you the ONLY COMMON in existence that can complete a non-sand hill climb, and it's not even maxed yet WTF

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2021.12.03 08:29 Eyale111 What the names of those manhwas?

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2021.12.03 08:29 UdemyCouponsMe MBA Course : Marketing And Business Strategy

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2021.12.03 08:29 scrambledomelete Your favorite drum bus compressors

Hello. What are your favorite drum compressors? Currently using GGD Smash and Grab. I mostly mix rock drums so I need them to be punchy.
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2021.12.03 08:29 Elegant_Whole3277 Exo One

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2021.12.03 08:29 VLStetson Котик

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2021.12.03 08:29 Ac1dRocker The Source,Me,digital,2021

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2021.12.03 08:29 zapvstheworld so, i have a eyebrow piercing and i returning to muai thai, can i take it out two and a half hours everyday just to train? (you know, without the hole closing)

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