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2021.10.17 09:15 kL0Ze Meta decks

I started playing cr around early 2017 and quit mid 2017. Now 4 years later im back and I want to know what decks are currently meta. If there is anything else I should know about the game feel free too add that too! Fyi im at 4000
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2021.10.17 09:15 mrdark16 Water

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2021.10.17 09:15 DiamondhandsNicky

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2021.10.17 09:15 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Eva Quiala

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2021.10.17 09:15 w_jc Does these two scenes are connected?

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2021.10.17 09:15 CounterRoutine9200 Alguna vez han tenido un dejavú? Que piensan sobre ello?

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2021.10.17 09:15 pointofgravity Apple 96W Power Adapter making intermittent noise when charging Macbook Pro

I have a 96W Apple USB-C Power Adapter that is making an intermittent buzzing noise at 6kHz every 2 seconds when charging my Macbook Pro with it. I have already gone through the replacement process (the agent would not hear a recording of the buzzing I took) but the replacement charger still makes this noise.
I have recorded the noise and isolated it, which can be found here. For those that don't want to/can't listen to audio, you can see the file put through a spectrum analyser like here. As you can see/hear, it is an intermittent noise at 6kHz. This happens when I am charging the Macbook, but seems to stop when the macbook's charge has reached 100%, indicating it is something to do with the power conversion.
I am really puzzled with this, and I want to get it resolved as I use my macbook for some bedroom guitar recording, and with the noise active, my guitar pickups pick this noise up and I end up having to kill 6Khz in my recordings, which is not ideal.
Can anyone tell me what this is?
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2021.10.17 09:15 HI_Wrld My Walk Away Story

Hello, I am u/HI_Wlrd, and this is my walkaway story.

To add some context, I am a second-generation American who grew up starting in a lower-middle-class house, and then a medium-high income liberal house (as my mom and dad both moved up in the world).
It started in 2014, the time before the US presidential elections. At this time I was consuming a lot of liberal media, agreeing with liberal ideology, and seeing the world as both in and against my favor. As a Latino, I was underprivileged but as a man, I was more privileged. I thought that communism was the only way to achieve true equality.

Fast forward to about 2016, I was raging trump hater full deal and absolutely against him in all senses of the world. I was young (still am) and believed everything that my peers and sister told me about him. I started then hating on white people, men (ironically), and people who were of those ideologies.

in 2017, I started getting much more involved in politics and doing actual research. I started noticing facts that counteracted what I thought was the truth. I realized the hypocrisy of my own racist beliefs in my search for equality. I started seeing things that didn't add up. When I brought up these points I was called misogynistic and racist.

From this time to about 2019, I considered myself still a liberal but just less extreme. At this time things were also becoming more and more polarized. I saw the raging pyscopahts. Fast forward to when the pandemic is when things start really changing for me.
In the 2020 pandemic, things changed for me. I was alone for a long time and saw the violence of the BLM riots. I saw Americans being killed by domestic terrorists, I saw people domestic terrorists taking the idea of equality to look and burn down buildings. My punishment for merely not making active support of BLM (I said nothing of how I truly saw it) was being labeled as racist. I learned that BLM did not support any of the victims of police violence but was a campaign to help democrats get elected.

During the capital riots, I saw the most intense hypocrisy ever. I did not vote in the 2020 election.

Kyle Rittenhouse in my mind was a hero, and he was seen as a murderer.

Around 2019 the following ideas went off almost as lightbulbs in my head as I became more and more against the liberal part. Abortion kills the child (the mom has the right to her freedoms, but the child's right to life which is usually the result of a decision supperceeds this. And in the conditions where it was not the woman's decision, the child does not deserve death for his father's sins), vaccine mandates are a fundamental breach of personal freedom, and many, many other things.

I saw how horrible Biden was, incompetent, spineless, and traitorous. He left Americans and those who helped us at the mercy of the Taliban, he disrespected the burial of soldiers whose death he was responsible for (happened after my walk-away but reinforces my decision) Criticizing him led to hatred from those I was growing apart from but still thought where fundamentally similar.

I couldn't handle it and in early spring 2021, I walked away from the democratic party and abandoned liberal ideology as a whole.

I see my amazing country being torn apart by extremists from both sides and refuse to be a part of the one where it is accepted. At least the right condemns their right extremists.

apologies the dates are sort of out of order.
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2021.10.17 09:15 CEO_of_asus Suche basierte rotgepillte Freundin :3

Hamlo, wenn hier hübsche Mädels mit großen Busen sind, bidde in meine DM's sliden :)
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2021.10.17 09:15 Remus88Romulus Question: The creation of a Brethren Moon, by the Moons themselves?

So the Brother Moons say to Isaac Clarke "from each world we devour a new brother will rise and be made whole". And in the ending of the Awakened DLC we see them start eating earth.
One way for creating a Brother Moon is through the Convergence Event when the Marker lifts up all the million bodies into the sky and the gravitational pull also taking bits and piece from the planet itself.
The other way is for the Brother Moons to eat a planet and devour some of it and then... Spew it out maybe back into the planet again and from there the earth itself becomes an alive Brother Moon?
What I am trying to get at is if the Brother Moons eats and devours up a planet, there will be nothing left to create and birth another Moon?
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2021.10.17 09:15 Marmalade_Supreme I need you help ,, I have this idea for a Playlist . I want to include songs that makes you appreciate the Beauty of life and at the same time question it , ' philosophy '. Describe the beauty of birth and death. The ' post nut clarity ' type feel Lol , I'd love to get some suggestions , Thank you

Here’s a playlist for you… Tunes to bless you Mortal ears by Marmalade supreme
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2021.10.17 09:15 FilmCharacter9227 Do u guys think she is ragdoll or not

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2021.10.17 09:15 Creed_____Bratton Copeland scrolls that cycle 3 times on start

Hey fellow Techs. I used to know, but I can't remember. Why do some of these condensing units, usually with copeland scrolls, cycle 3 times upon start for about 1 second each time?
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2021.10.17 09:15 metalslimesolid What JRPG has a world that you wish could be explored more?

Maybe the question is a bit vague, but let me explain. I've always for example found Ivalice in FFXII and Tactics to be really interesting. I even checked on the map to see where Valendia from Vagrant Story is suppose to be in relation to Galtean Peninsula, and wondering what's more to that world and it's story.
Got any other games that you wish could be expanded for more adventures?
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2021.10.17 09:15 MegaT321 Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

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2021.10.17 09:15 Sh4rbie Optimising for Enjoyment: Building a Fantasy Fellowship Part 3

This week the Optimising for Enjoyment series returns, with a non-exhaustive list of some characters that are great and... less great in Fantasy Fellowships. Sampling from this list is a great way to tailor a Fellowship to be more or less powerful, whichever your particular table needs.
Hope you enjoy, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on which Fellowship members have worked best for you!
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2021.10.17 09:15 ryu289 Evidence that neonazis hate free speech.

Faggot Pride Rally Stamped Out by Russian Authorities

By holding a faggot pride rally without permission, they know the police will crack down on them without hesitation. Thus they are attempting to create the image of “peaceful and innocent gay rights activists” being denied muh rights by an “oppressive anti-gay Russian bureaucracy,” all in an effort to accumulate sympathy and also support for their despicable agenda.
Um, you and your faggot friends are the lawless ones in this situation, Mr. Alexeyev. Russian authorities determine the law, part of which states that your faggot propaganda is not permitted to be spread, and you break that law by continuing to attempt to spread it.
How often does the alt-right promote "free speech"? Also the law is not the same as morality.
Heroic Students Create “Anti-Gay Day” Event in Response to Pro-Gay “Day of Silence”
Some students at a high school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania recently organized an “Anti-Gay Day,” ostensibly in response to a “Day of Silence” for dead LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ people.
The students in question wrote “anti-gay” on their hands, hung anti-faggotry posters on lockers, and may or may not have passed out a “lynch list” of the 30 to 50 students who actually participated in the “Day of Silence.”
Whoever these students are, I commend them. It takes balls to stand up to all this faggotry, especially in such an overt, controversial manner.
God bless them.
Yes for wanting to kill homosexuals...
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2021.10.17 09:15 Legend420zz H2O - What Happened

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2021.10.17 09:15 Med_Aek_01 i wish my shift was at 3 am

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2021.10.17 09:15 NewsElfForEnterprise Saudi Arabia Is Building a Tourism Resort Based on an Oil Rig to Try to Make Destroying the Planet Cool

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2021.10.17 09:15 Emyra-LN Will the pinnacle battle shards be useful when the suits return?

I've used all my free tries for the pinnacle battle set so I currently have all the clothes + reflection and am starting to get more shards for the echo. However, I know that you can't complete the echo without spending diamonds. Does this make the extra echo shards useless or will they make the echo cheaper on return? Wondering if I should stop spending the 20 stam every few days and just focus on other stuff if the extra shards won't give me any benefit later.
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2021.10.17 09:15 lengune Evil xQc about to ratio $8 million in one tournament monkaW

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2021.10.17 09:15 antipatHyabuNdanT Lea Elui she is as beautiful as an angel

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2021.10.17 09:15 Ok-Breath-21 Schedule

How many hours do resident doctors in the philippines work per day?
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