I just wanted boobies

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2021.10.17 08:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [AU] - Masks, cohorts, enhanced cleaning: What you need to know about the return to school | Sydney Morning Herald

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2021.10.17 08:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [AU] - ‘My family were sacrificed in that area. My blood is ingrained in the soil’ | Sydney Morning Herald

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Hey! I just got back to reddit and I remember on my old account there was a sub where you were given a random number to identify you as and you kinda roleplayed a little bit? I can't recall all the details fully but it was a really fun premise and I'd like to look back at it, thanks in advance.
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2021.10.17 08:10 Worried_Watch_1549 Will my other x ranks stay if their at 0/10 placements while i have an x power?

I have two x rank powers one on clam blitz and the other one is in splat zones they are both above 2000 the other two i haven't played yet is rainmaker and tower control I don't have a x power for them they are at 0/10 since I have an x power do I have to play them or no?
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2021.10.17 08:10 arunavakun It’s official: Zombieland Saga will be a movie!!! As announced during the live concert, please stay tuned for more information on the release of the Zombieland Saga movie.

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2021.10.17 08:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [AU] - ‘My family were sacrificed in that area. My blood is ingrained in the soil’ | Sydney Morning Herald

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2021.10.17 08:10 RelevantDay4 Idris Elba as the next M

I would have loved for Idris Elba to be the next Bond. But he’s 49 at the moment so he’s a bit too old to be the next Bond. If he can’t be the next Bond, he should be the next M, given that Ralph Fiennes doesn’t return to the role. I think he would be a perfect M. Anyone else agree?
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2021.10.17 08:10 Rapatera7 Cake Monster Protocol Explained

Cake Monster Closer Look
Today we are going to take a closer look at cake monster.
Cake Monster is an incredibly unique, multi-faceted protocol and eco system, and it might require a closer look and multiple viewings to fully understand and appreciate this cryptic wonder of the fascinating world that is Defi.
We are all too familiar with some of the short comings of crypto projects out there and often pay the price for them, but what if there was a project out there that protects it’s members and at the same time secures wealth for them in a fun and interactive way.
Something that will never rug, something that secures an underlying asset in a vault to ensure value keeps getting added, something that is deflationary, something that has predictable market cycles, something that is resilient to selling, something with fast transactions and low gas fee’s, something that has actual utility, something that allows you to play NFT play to earn games, something that allows you to interact with the protocol in fun and interesting ways to even further make some awesome crypto gains !!
Well then boys and girls join the party and lets dive into the wonderful world of Cake Monster.
Before we look at the detailed Tokenomics it’s best we give a very basic description of what cake monster is and how it works.
In Basic cake monster is not only just a token you purchase that goes up and down in value, it actually does stuff.
By buying Cake Monster token you trigger a whole chain of events, that actually goes to work to secure you wealth in the form of two assets namely the cake monster token itself and also the DEX token “Cake” from Pancake Swap.
[ “If you are not familiar with pancake swap, it is fast growing decentralized exchange backed by Binance and the native token CAKE has a bright future ahead of it in light of the strong growth it has shown in a relatively short amount of time and considering the growing size of the DEFI space as a whole.” “Pancake swap runs on the Binance Smart Chain and far outperforms other Dex's that run on Ethereum due to its super-fast transactions and low gas fee’s.”]
You see, every time someone buys, sells or even just transfers any Cake Monster tokens, the protocol buys CAKE token and locks it up in a gravity vault as well as add liquidity to the liquidity pool. The gravity vault grows larger and larger, and guess what, you own a share of all the CAKE tokens that get locked up in the vault. Not only that, but the CAKE tokens inside the gravity vault get staked on Pancake Swap to even further produce gains for the vault. The value of the CAKE in the vault acts as a price anchor and over time raises the floor price for the token and gets released as a reward at the end of the cycle.
Lets take a closer look at what happens when someone buys or sells some Cake monster token.
When there is a buy, sell or transfer of CM tokens, there is a 5% tax that gets implemented on the transaction.
1) That 5% gets split evenly, 2.5% of it gets burned forever and this ensures the deflationary nature of the protocol, when supply goes down, price goes up.
2) The other 2.5% gets split up again into two parts of 10% and 90% each.
3) 10% of the remaining tax gets wrapped as BNB and is locked into the liquidity pool to provide liquidity and security to the protocol making it rug resistant
4) The other 90% of the tax is swapped for CAKE token and is added to the gravity vault that acts as a price anchor and reward at the end of the cycle.
Ok, so lets recap quick, when you buy, sell or move monster tokens there is a tax on the transaction, out of the taxed tokens some of it gets burned forever to ensure deflation, some of it gets locks into the liquidity pool that makes it rug proof, and at the same time it starts buying and adding CAKE token to a gravity vault that gets staked to further grow the gravity vault.
The CAKE Token in the gravity vault acts as a price anchor and also goes up in value increasing the floor price of the monster token, and you as a holder own a share of the CAKE in the gravity vault.
The cycle ends when the total supply gets burned down to 1 Million or two years pass, whichever comes first, then the vault will get unlocked and all holders will get their share of the CAKE in the vault equivalent to their holdings at the time of unlock.
Sounds sweet yet ? – the icing on the cake is still coming…..
Unlike other tokens or projects where whales sit on their bags forever and dump on unsuspecting market goers, Cake Monster has a built in Auto Cash out feature that penalizes & prevents anyone from hording Cake Monster token. HODLERS beware!
This feature not only forces market participants to stay active members of the protocol but as we have seen any sells happening on monster also grows the gravity vault and adds liquidity to the liquidity pool which just makes the protocol even stronger, more valuable and you richer.
Lets take a closer look at the Auto Cash out feature,
1) You see whenever a wallet becomes stale and has had no transactions made by it larger than 5% of its value for more than 50 consecutive days then that wallet’s Monster is automatically available for a an “Auto Cash Out”. – This means anyone can click the Auto cash-out button on such a wallet and force sell all the monster in the wallet for BNB, OUCH!!
2) But don’t worry, the owner of the wallet gets 70% of the sold monster back in his wallet as BNB, this means he will have to buy back in if he wants to keep playing the game, which in turn will again trigger all of the above mentioned actions inside the protocol and further feed the monster. Bullish, right !
3) 20% of the inactive wallets MONSTA balance is swapped for CAKE token and added to the Gravity vault, raising the floor price and locking in more rewards for you. YEAY !
4.) 2.5% of the inactive wallet’s MONSTA gets given as a reward to the caller of the Auto Cash Out function. SWEET! And a further 7.5% gets converted to BNB and added to the liquidity pool for stability and security of the protocol. NICE !
5) 100% of the MONSTA that was swapped for BNB in the liquidity pool gets burned to reduce price impact and ensures deflation. SMART HEY !
Pretty Amazing right, they have really thought of everything ! So lets have another quick recap before we dive in further, o yes , there is more.
Right, so what do we know so far, MONSTA is super deflationary token that buys CAKE token and stores it in a vault for you, the vault gets staked for further gains that increases the floor price over time. The protocol also protects itself by locking in liquidity into the LP.
There is an Auto Cash Out feature built in that prevents hording and inactive users, when triggered this function further grows the vault and ads liquidity, and the caller of the function gets rewarded.
Ok, now for the fun stuff.
The creators of MONSTA have gamified all the functions of the protocol for you to interact with, they have also created a NFT claw collection that can be kept to gain some sweet advantages when interacting with the protocol, or you can simply go and sell them on the open market if you like. Since these NFT’s are not just cool looking but they actually have Claw-tributes (attributes) that can financially benefit you, because of this they are right off the bat more valuable than your average JPEG NFT.
You see all that taxed MONSTA from all those buys and sells first goes into a smaller kitchen vault, the reason for this is to pool up a bunch of MONSTA into one transaction before it gets sent to the gravity vault, otherwise the protocol will be spending a lot on gas fee’s every time there is a buy, sell or transfer. When the kitchen vault is full, you as a holder get a chance to call the function by clicking the MAKE button that actions the protocol to add liquidity to the LP and feed the vault with CAKE. By doing so you again get rewarded with some MONSTA tokens. So the race is on to see who can click the button first when the Kitchen vault is ready to make some sweetness happen.
This is where some of those cool looking Monster Claw NFT’s can assist you. The higher the level of the NFT the more bonus time you get as a head start to push the make button in the kitchen vault, and the more MONSTA you own the higher the NFT level will be and the more perks you get.
The NFT’s have other advantages too, they allow you to call the Auto Cash Out function more often than non NFT holders, which can also give you rewards.
Then last but not least is the beastliest claw of them all, the Level 5 Diamond Claw NFT that not only gives you the best advantages when it comes to Auto Cash Outs and Kitchen management but this baby actually earns you CAKE tokens out of the profits of the staked CAKE in the gravity vault, yes folks you heard that right, this NFT is a passive income earner!
Monster NFT market:
Then there is one more function of the protocol that gives you rewards, you see Cake Monsters are actually very generous creatures and often miss understood, the more you interact with them the more you will come to realize that they love giving gifts.
Each time the current total supply of MONSTA has decreased by 1%, holders are entitled to earn CAKE Crumbs from the Gravity Vault equal to their share of the current MONSTA supply. These rewards are a frequent bonus to those that wait for their reward share (CAKE Slice) of the Gravity Vault at the end of a deflationary cycle.
Well folks, that is the basics of this protocol in a nutshell, and there are plenty more details to be understood under the hood, so please go and read the white paper on the official Cake Monster website to fully understand the clock work that goes into it all. I promise its an easy read.
There is actually more believe it or not, Cake Monster will be launching a play to earn NFT game that will further boost the buy pressure of the token, and also grow the community.
But that’s a story for another day.
We hope this article has given you the knowledge required to get a better grasp on the wonderful world of the Cake Monsters.
please let me know in the comments if you guys want me to explain anything else .
Peace out !
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2021.10.17 08:10 EggplantUser2 stutters when landing and engaging in fights?

everytime i land and sometimes when engaging in a fight ill get insane stutters that sometimes make the game unplayable. this doesnt happen while im in the dropship or anywhere else either, and it happens on every map.
my pc specs are:
ryzen 1200 cpu gtx 970 4gb 8gb ram dual channel (4x2) 500gb hdd
its worth noting that the game doesnt report any fps dips (i.e it always shows +100 fps) and adaptive res only kicks in while in the drop ship. i also tried dropping the resolution down to 900p and i kept getting these stutters... any answer is appreciated ty!
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2021.10.17 08:10 hussain254 Afghanistan and security institutions

Afghanistan and Security institutions
Internal Economic activities are key for any country
Population is key for Internal Economic activities
It create lot of tax
Afghanistan need Army, intelligence and police etc
Afghanistan has even population
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2021.10.17 08:10 UncleHang Comictober day 16: Plant! A mean green mutha from outer space. (OC)(4 images)

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2021.10.17 08:10 Hembria Does anyone else wonder why they are not rich?

I wander through my day to day life assuming I'm going to be well off and then always feel surprised that I'm not. Weird isn't it? Does anyone else have this problem?
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