21 [F4M] Asian Girl looking for her BBC

2021.10.17 08:08 Naivcs 21 [F4M] Asian Girl looking for her BBC

Disclaimer: I am 18+ and all participants and characters must be 18+
And please be creative or interesting!!
about me : im 21 Years old, Asian, about 5`2 tall, petite and love romantic stories
Kinks are cuckold, Oral, Interracial, romance and romantic sex Im open to most plots.
Black men only, unless you want to be a cuck
Some plot ideas! please feel free to share yours too! im open to most ideas!
Slice of life, kpop, work related,
Be creative please not just a simple rp
If you like any of these plots or have one of your own please feel free to message me on kik at : ilivefordimsum
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2021.10.17 08:08 Skeye_drake21 [Novels] My prediction for arc 7. Art by Snow

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2021.10.17 08:08 ouuhmars Bogdan b2b

Dm me
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2021.10.17 08:08 IMysterion5511 I love my wife! She bought me these

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2021.10.17 08:08 throwaway838116 another very light beans cut

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2021.10.17 08:08 kzevryputw The absolute cutest thing ever!!!

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2021.10.17 08:08 WelcomeSinners English VA's and other characters they voice part 2 (Zeno Robinson)

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2021.10.17 08:08 superJ1000 Iron Mike glitch (SPOILERS)

In the mission where you go to Sherman’s camp with iron Mike and after you kill the marauder in the building once the sniper appears the game says GOING TO FAR FROM IRON MIKE even though deacon is literally touching mikes back and I keep getting reset and I’m on PS4 is anyone also having this glitch and how to fix it?
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2021.10.17 08:08 DrHagelstein Skyrim, birthplace of legends

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2021.10.17 08:08 ZeroSaga Watch Halloween kills. Then enjoy this 🤣

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2021.10.17 08:08 xxxxHULKSMASHxxxx Which end? PPR

View Poll
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2021.10.17 08:08 Dannor85 Intuitive Link + Dark Pact

Hi guys
At first glance, i thought using Intuitive Link on a minion, would scale the DP damage, based on your own health pool. But I'm not 100% sure. I would love some help understanding this. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.17 08:08 cryptoplatforms Bruce Out? Ole Next? Is Changing the Manager the way to Go?

Bruce Out? Ole Next? Is Changing the Manager the way to Go? https://youtube.com/watch?v=7sZt7CkOfIw&feature=youtu.be
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2021.10.17 08:08 AntsKolapodi Diwali Special/ 50 years Old Traditional Kolam /Pulli 11x6/ Ants Kolapodi/Traditional Simple Kolam

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2021.10.17 08:08 DisciplineBorn 🛸 NFT Galaxy Token 🛸 | NFT-based game | Create your Galaxy with NFTs | 💎 Don’t miss this gem | Website Launched | Experienced Devs | Huge Potential | Verified Contract!

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WHY NFT Galaxy ❓
✨ It is an innovative gamified model, where users interact with one another in an NFT technology-based world set in a galaxy. It is a meeting place for the creators of NFTs, Gamers, and those looking for new ways of interaction.

Personalization - Create NFT mirroring your unique characteristics. Marketplace - Create, sell, buy or swap NFTs. Have fun with the tokens. Pay for NFTs, create and sell your own and enjoy your wealth. Unlimited Possibilities - Find the ideal world for you or create your own. Invite others to join and be a part of your intergalactic world.
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🔗 Official Links
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2021.10.17 08:08 Ialreadydunreddit p2119 code in 2011 escape.... is it the throttle body? anyone else have this? what did you do?

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2021.10.17 08:08 3po1nt0 Paso Robles 10/16 set 1

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2021.10.17 08:08 thebluestblue1 Have hit a new low

Haven’t truly been suicidal in a while. Months probably. And now it’s back in full force.
My doc upped my med dose and I was feeling good there for a while. I guess it’s life circumstances that have exasperated it. I hate feeling this way. I hate that whenever something goes wrong my first instinct is to off myself.
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2021.10.17 08:08 Existing_Cress9013 If I make a telegram would you guys post stuff on it

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2021.10.17 08:08 gamirl Why did Hitler go to the optician?

He could Nazi!
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2021.10.17 08:08 khkt136 What's are the differences between Faringdon vs Acland Park?

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2021.10.17 08:08 General_Kenobi_77BBY What is ur favourite:

1: Vehicle

  1. Favorite gun overall
Bonus: What load out do u like(mine is akimbo Pistol and Fennec)
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2021.10.17 08:08 misy0101 Visible for $5

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2021.10.17 08:08 South-Measurement-69 3000 dollars.

One of my favorite subtle moments is when Tony is trying to glean information about Ralph’s sex life out of Janis. She nonchalantly says $3000 dollars is the cost.
Tony smiles and asks “how did you come up with that number?” and Janis replies “I thought it was a number you would say yes to” so Tony replies, acceptingly, “you thought right.
I love it because it shows how Janis has her wits about her when it comes to money and manipulation, and Tony doesn’t even try to negotiate. The plain and simple respect he has for a fellow grifter makes tickles him to the point of amusement.
I also like it when Tony is negotiating with Carmine about the appraiser at the park table. Carmine makes an offer, Jonny Sac looks down and indicates to Tony that he can go lower. Carmine probably knows how close they are, lets Jonny give him the signal so Tony feels in top, and everyone comes away happy.
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2021.10.17 08:08 DarkSaber01 Here Have Some Justice

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