LF: Gothicutie items

2021.10.17 09:12 n_czl LF: Gothicutie items

I'll pay with dims (preferably cheaper than og price):
- Gothicutie Boots (OG price: 55k
- Gothicutie Earrings (OG price: 5k
name your price
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2021.10.17 09:12 cthuluhooprises I only started watching halfway through this year, and I want to get up to date on the season. Which direction should I watch?

I started with Silverstone, but because it was early for me (American) and I didn’t know how great the sport was, I came in after the Max-Lewis crash.
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2021.10.17 09:12 Zenssei Is NTDEC stuff really rare?

I bought a NTDEC Zapper yesterday and i get in total 3000 results on google when searching for it. I also see that the games go for alot on ebay.
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2021.10.17 09:12 xeuuuu Help me decide.

I'm currently using a Dell Inspiron 7373 (i7 8550u) and I'm planning to buy a new laptop within this week.
I mainly use my laptop to write music and scores (ableton+plugins) and planning on using Cinema4D with a little bit of gaming on the side too.
My choices are:
1.) Asus Zephyrus G14 ( Ryzen 9 5900hs/rtx 3060/120hz 1440p) It's available for ₹1,50,000 ($2000)
2.) Asus Zephyrus G15 ( Ryzen 9 5900hs/rtx 3060/ 144hz 1440p) It's available for ₹1,40,000 ($1865)
3.) HP omen 2021 ( Ryzen 7 5800h/rtx 3060/144hz 1080p) It's available for ₹1,20,000 ($1600)
4.) Lenovo legion 5 pro ( Ryzen 7 5800h/rtx 3060/165hz 1600p) It's available for ₹1,40,000 ($1865)
I travel quite a bit with my laptop and am looking to save money wherever possible.
Thank you.
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2021.10.17 09:12 Jagiers Nowoczesna terapia genowa dla dzieci chorych na SMA za droga dla rządu. Rodzice są zrozpaczeni

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2021.10.17 09:12 YextFE Blursed_Food

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2021.10.17 09:12 usmlegal Usmle tutor

Hi i am offering tutoring for USMLE step 1&2. My prices are very affordable .I understand how hard it is to study and support yourself. Anyone interested reach out to me.I focus on high yeild stuff . My students have shown improvement in their assessments
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2021.10.17 09:12 IamPixelBuilds Dining Table Design!

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2021.10.17 09:12 Hea1zy Best Def

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2021.10.17 09:12 Ok_Professor1295 Giratina boosted now

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2021.10.17 09:12 Alone-Cartoonist1095 Cuddles

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2021.10.17 09:12 Leu86 ich🇺🇬iel

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2021.10.17 09:12 IamPixelBuilds Dining Table Design!

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2021.10.17 09:12 5t89ru8erj pre-Hard Rock Nick with his now ex-wife before their wedding

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2021.10.17 09:12 this_is_isha International student

Hi I'm an international student (from India) but I'm doing my undergraduate program(pre med) in Canada so am I eligible to give the MCAT
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2021.10.17 09:12 bluntciaga Best Hikes Within 2 hours of Sac?

Just moved here, I love hiking mountains, and hikes with views of water. Any favorites within 2 hours of North Natomas area? So far I've been to Auburn State Park, Mount Diablo, and the Blue Ridge loop (which has been my favorite).
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2021.10.17 09:12 mallory_beee Slow Burn hot sauce brand concept

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2021.10.17 09:12 MaximusMatrix I built the Eulogy to the Horizon

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2021.10.17 09:12 gangler52 Is there any way to make Amazon show print comics first?

So I recently merged my Comixology Account to my Amazon Account, since they said they weren't gonna let us keep them separate anymore.
And now whenever I search comics on Amazon, it shows me all the digital single issues first, and it can sometimes be pretty hard to find the print trades I'm looking for.
Is there a setting I can change to fix this or is this just the new normal now?
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2021.10.17 09:12 gaerr0th Whoever this az rose guy is your adopted ff. I wanted to make friends on my first day back after 2 years (i think chapter 1 season 6) and this kid just sweated his ballz off LMAO

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2021.10.17 09:12 Both_Initiative3078 Help with mewing properly

Hi I was hoping to get some help with meeting properly. I feel like I am not doing it right because I am getting dark circles under my eyes and my cheekbones feel less prominent than ever. What is causing this?
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2021.10.17 09:12 SayFuzzyPickles42 I don't know if this is ignorant and if it is I'm sorry, I just want to clear up some personal confusion

It's against the rules to refer to Kris as a guy on this sub, so why have I seen people refer to them and Ralsei as a gay ship and it hasn't been objected to? Them being gay would mean that Kris is a guy... there's even a link in the related subs section to a sub all about the ship called "Toothpaste Boys", which gets rid of the ambiguity completely. Is there something here that I just don't understand?
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2021.10.17 09:12 takshpratapsingh_28 Shiba Army in our group is 2,00,000+ Strong lets all together make a youtube shorts on our own channel. That indeed has a catchy tiltles" y u need to buy Shiba INU before Year Ends".Hence promoting the coin and attracting more investors.

2,00,000+ YouTube short videos will really help us to the Mooon.…....
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2021.10.17 09:12 dragonrush_bs Solutions to map maker

So, there are many maps that keep players in a enclosed area, not letting players fight. This all ends up in a game of health. Thus, here are a few solutions.
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2021.10.17 09:12 minacede I need advice. Crossposting from another sub where I received zero comments so far

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