2013 Ford Focus Sport wing vs ST Wing

2021.09.20 12:26 Powerful-Car-8385 2013 Ford Focus Sport wing vs ST Wing

I bought my first car a couple of months ago (2013 Ford Focus sport manual frozen white) and whilst I’m not planning on doing mods to it I would like to lift the wing a bit, is the rear wing on the sport the same as the ST?
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2021.09.20 12:26 khaidotcom Anyone feel relate to Dee Dee from limmy show?

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2021.09.20 12:26 Accomplished-Tap3353 Google's massive underwater data cable lands on Cornish beach

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2021.09.20 12:26 BadaB00mBabay Дополненный список погибших и пострадавших при стрельбе в Перми.

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2021.09.20 12:26 Ballongo ITAP of a tall building

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2021.09.20 12:26 themistik Getting into a team for small to medium scale projects

First of all, I've already read the FAQ about hiring / joining a team / etc. But they seems more about paid job, hiring, etc. I'm not looking for this.
I'm currenctly finishing my third year (sandwish course) and I'd like to chill out a bit from work / school (thus why i'm not looking for hiring / paid job and small scale projects). I've been looking to try my hand again at gamedev but time constraints due to the work / school didn't helped with my own drive to make games.
On top of that, I've already made some game projects on my own, with various engines, mostly Unity and Pico-8.
Thing is, I've already tried to make games with a team. And it went terrible in every way possible. basically, out of the 3 people working on the project, one was doing nothing, one was doing nothing until told to do something, and even then, he tried in every way to work as little as possible, (by his own words), and one guy doing everything and trying to complete something. Guess who that guy was.
Me, of course. So after one month of full blown work, working my ass from morning to night, I just released a demo, took some of the reviews (most of them were positive), showed to the team what could've been a fun game and unofficially killed the project (I just ghosted everyone, but it's not like they ever tried to contact me back anyway...). A bit rough but the message was sent.
So that's why, I'd search for something simplifer, smaller. I want to chill, not to overstress like this team or my work. I want to work on something that will be significant for my own personal experience, in a team where I can TRUST their skill.
I've tried to search for game jams, but sadly, living in Europe, the timezones does not add up, and there is little to no game jam happening on the week end, it seems. And I don't know if i'll be put on a team or be all alone.
I def don't have enough skill to do everything. I'm a programmer, not the best, but I can get the job done, I'm not an artist, nor a composer, nor a game designer. I can do such things (obviously I had to when working alone), but they are not my field of expertise.
I guess you could say I should work alone, but working alone is a bit demotivating. I'd like to be part of something, I already did a lot of stuff by myself, programming or in other fields.
During the quarantine, I was unemployed, so I posted on some forums but sadly didn't get any anwser.
So where I could look for a team ?
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2021.09.20 12:26 niuz-bot ​Ghid pentru asigurații și păgubiții RCA ai City Insurance: Ce faci dacă ești client și denunți polița ori dacă ești victima unui accident cu o mașină asigurată la City - [Economie][Asigurari]

Dacă te numeri printre cei 3 milioane de români ai City Insurance, societate împotriva căreia a fost demarată procedura falimentului, și vrei să denunți polița RCA, dacă nu ai avut daune în perioada de valabilitate de pâna la denunțare, pentru perioada neexpirată ai dreptul să îți recuperezi diferența de primă de la Fondul de Garantare a Asiguraților, se arată într-un ghid lansat luni de UNSAR și BAAR pentru clienții și păgubiții acestei societăți. Vezi în articol ce pot face și păgubiții și care e procedura.
Citeste in continuare: https://economie.hotnews.ro/stiri-pensii_private-25049632-ghid-pentru-asiguratii-pagubitii-rca-city-insurance-faci-daca-esti-client-denunti-polita-ori-daca-esti-victima-unui-accident-masina-asigurata-city.htm
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2021.09.20 12:26 seathefullmoon Vaccine Side Effects

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2021.09.20 12:26 theDarkar96 Japanese Ads are always on another level

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2021.09.20 12:26 Puzzleheaded_Poem750 Tomorrow will be our Excellency Banner!

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2021.09.20 12:26 Chimeguy22 💵💸Free instant $5 for signing up for a Step account💸💵

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2021.09.20 12:26 sambarnes90 [BG] 15" or smaller RTX 20XX/30XX Laptop [H] Up to £850 Bank Transfer/PP F&F

Morning HardwareSwapUK
Hoping to secure a gaming laptop for use at home as it feels like the better option at the moment given the pricing of desktop GPUs.
Just wanted to avoid 17" as I have a small desk, especially with a monitor shoved on it.
Nice to haves would be 16GB memory / 512GB SSD setup, but those parts are easier to get hold of - so if it's 8GB / 256GB user-upgradable option that's fine too.
Happy with AMD or Intel CPU wise.
Will be used for 1080p gaming, some light photo/video editing and programming.
Let me know if you've got anything you want to get rid of?
Based in the North East so could potentially collect if you're local.
Thanks all
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2021.09.20 12:26 Tessia0710 Where to read After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days - Chapter 1620 online for free!!

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2021.09.20 12:26 Physics-Significant Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 Free Download - ALL PC World - ALL PC Worlds allpcworld | AllPC World | All PCWorld | allpcworld.com

Download Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 latest full version offline complete setup for Windows. Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 v19.0 is a professional application for creating eye-catching video stories and supports preparing the content for different devices.
Download Link > https://allpcworlds.com/adobe-premiere-elements-free-download/
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2021.09.20 12:26 bigsweatypen1s its funny that I got the master tier league bug while bronze since everyone freaks out

its just funny that everyone freaks out that im master tier and they are silver, it must be funny for them once they realize how bad I am
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2021.09.20 12:26 catposse drew humanizations of Olly and Olivia ^^

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2021.09.20 12:26 sweepstakesoffers Bluetti Lightning Week Giveaway | September, 2021

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2021.09.20 12:26 niuz-bot ANM: Vreme mai rece şi perioade cu ploi, în următoarele două săptămâni - [Mediu]

Citeste in continuare: https://www.agerpres.ro/mediu/2021/09/20/anm-vreme-mai-rece-si-perioade-cu-ploi-in-urmatoarele-doua-saptamani--782246
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2021.09.20 12:26 HNTGANG “The People’s Network”

Everybody switch off their miners for a week and petition we want more HNT rewards, Pre this dumb update. Show them it really is the people’s network.
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2021.09.20 12:26 notGhxst Feeding a hungry street performer

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2021.09.20 12:26 ushrer Sexting interested Kik katephilip999

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2021.09.20 12:26 ClashmanTheDupe Games that still have online in 2021 that are good for 2 players?

Convinced a friend of mine who lives in another state to get a Vita, and I'd like to play multiplayer games with him. I can't seem to find an up to date list of what Vita games still have running servers though. So what are some Vita games that are fun in 2 player mode that I can still play online? I do not care at all if the servers are active, just if I can still play it and if it's a game that will be fun with only 2 people, unlike something that'd require a larger body count like a team based shooter such as Killzone.
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2021.09.20 12:26 unknownusercircle equity and loans - double entry, i'm confused

Hello everyone,
I'm learning about equity and loans investment from one company to another and I can't figure out whats the double entry related to
Company A investing equity in company B
On Company A side, would that be Credit dividend income and Debit Shares in company B?

Furthermore another case, Company A received a loan from company B,.
On company A side, would the entry be Credit Share premium and debit amount payable back to company B?

Last case, company A received an equity investment from company B.
On company A side, should I credit share premium and debit dividend expense?

Please help me.
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2021.09.20 12:26 DarrenCross_Gerling S u m_m e r T a p e d with Analog Video Glitch. BOC VIBES :)

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2021.09.20 12:26 haybati Water Cooled Air Conditioner Water Losses

Hey, i got a maybe silly question. My company has a total of 14 water cooled air conditioner, which runs almost 12 hours a day (20 HP Water Coole Air-Con). To supply and cool the water used in the condenser, 3 cooling tower is used. The problem is, everyday the water losses is comes up to 14.000 liter per day!
My question is, is it normal to have such a high usage (maybe losses) of water in the system? I did my calculation on the water needed in one air-con, but i didnt have enough properties to complete my calculation.
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