First school fight.

2021.09.20 14:11 HowIsThisNameTaken6 First school fight.

This fight isn’t related to my last post but it was still in the same school.
Today in the morning I was going to my friends, I have this friend group that sits in this relatively closed in space. When I got there I saw someone I didn’t like I went to sit with my group and I kinda pushed him aside to get through, but I guess he didn’t like that, so he shoved me pretty hard and I grabbed his hand right as he was pulling it back, i let go and we talked some shit but nothing happened.
O always hated this guy cuz he created all this problems between me and my friends. I had my crush block me for 3 months because this guy sent a picture of our messages with me saying “I dunno man I just feel kinda bad rn cuz she’s not talking to me.” On a band group with over 10 people in it. Everyone got mad at him so he deleted it and I forgave him cuz I was still new to the school. There many more things that happened but I don’t feel like getting into it.
Anyway so i sat down on the floor with my friends, and when it came time to leave he literally just kicked me and tried to run, I turned around and grabbed him by the end of his shorts and he fell. He then got up and as i tried to he shoved me into one of my friends I kept on trynna get off my friend cuz i didn’t wanna hurt him but the guy kept on hitting me. Eventually I pulled myself together got up and told my self “I’m really in a fight rn” and punched him in his head. I’ll say now I was kinda scared to fight hm because he was carrying a mental bottle of water. But in the heat of the moment I just shoved him into a plant.
Thought the entire fight there was my teacher looking at us and when I had a moment to get ready again I looked at the teacher and said, “Are you gonna sit there and watch or are you gonna do something.” I was so angry that he was watching the entire thing happen especially because he was my favorite teacher.
So this guy runs at me again and grabs me by the hair and hits me with a METAL bottle, but I tanked that shit, I ran into him and shoved him against the well then I hit him again and again before the teacher pulled me away. When the teacher was holding me i kept on trynna get to this dumbass and I kicked him but he didn’t fight back. As I was looking around to see the damage I saw my GOD DAMN SHIPS ON THE FLOOR. I started joking around and said “HE RUINED MY FOOD”. One of my friends looked at me and said “if I were in your shoes id leave.” But I just went with the teacher.
While I was walking upstairs with my teacher, I told him, “mr.Daniel, why’d you let that happen, you let that fight go on, why? Why would you do that? I can’t walk away because then I’d look bad.” He didn’t respond but we realized the other kid wasn’t with us, so I told him I’ll go find him and before my teacher could argue I ran away, picked up my bag and went to English class. Eventually I got a hall pas saying I needed to go to the principals office.
After that, there was a lot of back and forth but it was a lot of him manipulating on his part. I was surprised how good he was at lying. Anyway now I’m in iss which is basically in school detention, typing this.. ugh my mom is gonna kill me.
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2021.09.20 14:11 Rosashiloh Yukika releases official music video "love you".

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2021.09.20 14:11 terdymate Can we get PewDiePie to play chapter 2

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2021.09.20 14:11 Smog2701 Todays Chain Battle announcement motivated me to level up all my unused Frieza units. Hope these supporters will help

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2021.09.20 14:11 LogicDog What if:

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2021.09.20 14:11 TsarDamaceno .

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2021.09.20 14:11 Sayroni can I create an ad account and give it to my client?

hi, I have an agency ( mostly sem focused tho ),
now I have learned that the right way to connect to my client's business page and assets is through the partner option in Facebook business manager.
now, most of my clients don't have tech-savvy abilities, to say the least.
so I noticed my client doesn't have an ad account, my question is, can I create an additional account for him ,
and then can he own the page to his business manager?.
if so, I can save some time setting up my clients.
just want to know if I have that option
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2021.09.20 14:11 pavibol r/dirtyitaly A NSFW subreddit where every Italian can go share their experiences or look for some rp of any kind!

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2021.09.20 14:11 kadzmoney Lambo ETH 💰 7% Ethereum Rewards 👇 New Style Of Reward Contact...

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We have ran previously successfully projects, so very safu
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2021.09.20 14:11 skroope What sorts of anecdotes and character trait descriptions make a recommendation letter really strong?

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2021.09.20 14:11 Bettawatchowt You can go back to any point in time and say something to one person, what do you say?

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2021.09.20 14:11 FC_KuRTZ I dare you...

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2021.09.20 14:11 Dannig178 Andrea Escalona

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2021.09.20 14:11 AnTaRiP-aDhIkArY Can you give a caption for this ?

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2021.09.20 14:11 Meme_Lord_420_ Stakes being ended are outweighing new stakes

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2021.09.20 14:11 hanhien_salo Left handed

Hi, so I've started getting into dippens lately, and would love to have some advice on choosing good starter pens. I would mainly draw with them, but writing and calligraphy would be nice too. But the problem is that I'm left handed. Is there pen variations or techniques that would allow me to write with them without the inkflow stopping or the nib getting stuck on the paper?
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2021.09.20 14:11 Venom_x1x EPRO TOKEN!! CHALLENGING CMC AND ZERION

🟡♦ EPRO Token ♦🟡
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2021.09.20 14:11 Majncz Sáblo v převleku

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2021.09.20 14:11 p1mpleton If you install fog lights/light bar behind a grille, are you still legally required to cover them at certain times? (CA)

Tried other subs, with no luck.
In CA you're required to cover things like light bars when on normal roads, as far as I know. But is that also true if the lights are behind your front grille?
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2021.09.20 14:11 Thesobuzhack Why Neon Philodendron Hederaceum Houseplant Turned to Dark Green 🌼 Repot & Growing Tips

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2021.09.20 14:11 MarmotVol2 [I ate] Fruit Cake

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2021.09.20 14:11 IHateSteW Not so child friendly enemy

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2021.09.20 14:11 thatguy201717 The entire market is selling off, this correct happens nearly every year right around this time. Don’t panic, ride the storm out:

For the past 30 years, right around sept 17 the market seems to sell off, doesn’t last forever on obviously. Lasts about 3-5 weeks. I suspect this sell off will last towards the start of October since the sell off began nearly 2 weeks ago.
OTLK is a Q1 play. OTLK is a long term play. It may present some great dip buying opportunities.
Good luck in the markets, don’t let this stock market sell off scare anyone into selling your positions
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2021.09.20 14:11 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Bill Gates secures hundreds of millions from U.S. firms for climate fight | NBC

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2021.09.20 14:11 TheRetroVideogamers To spice things up in bed, my wife said she was going to buy the sex toy she thought I would enjoy the most.

Boy, she really has me pegged.
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