[HIRING] Director, Women of Color Leadership Programs - re:power

2021.09.20 14:16 Madame_President_ [HIRING] Director, Women of Color Leadership Programs - re:power

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2021.09.20 14:16 Outstandingmove123 What was this show even about(anime spoilers)

I’m sorry but I can’t remember a single plot line of this show. I remember Akeira becoming devil man and Ryu saying he was LITERALLY SATAN, and I have no clue where that came from like how is he just suddenly the devil what? I then remember a track team and there were boobies. And don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the characters and the show but I don’t remember anything really that happened. Maybe I’m just not smart enough to understand but this series felt like a fever dream
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2021.09.20 14:16 truthofafrica Real Madrid : Benzema, le meilleur attaquant des 5 grands championnats devant Haaland, Mbappé et Lewandwoski

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2021.09.20 14:16 TweetArchiveBot Sihle Ngobese: This is how these #CovidGrift crackheads truly think! They think your G-d given freedoms are subject to their fears and abuse of state power. Things are about to get really dangerous.

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2021.09.20 14:16 ProphetliNO30 Are my front wheel too much to the front (caster too positive)?

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2021.09.20 14:16 IntelligentAd8653 Why Rich People Choose Astrology To Fly HIgh?

As an Astrologer, I might want to say that there are two sides as analysis and devotees.
However, being a soothsayer with 17+ long periods of involvement with this area I need to advise you, it is positive confidence toward the excursion.
in the event that it works for you, you ought to go with it
Best Astrologer In Delhi
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2021.09.20 14:16 Datbriochguy Where to get sweet and flavourful strawberry

I love strawberry and have been living in Sydney for a few years. Prior to that I lived in the UK where sweet strawberries are available in supermarkets when in season. In contrast, I have never once bought a punnet of strawberry from Coles/Woolies and be satisfied with it whether it's in season or not. Do you lovely people know where I can get some real good ones that don't taste like cucumber?
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2021.09.20 14:16 skippydi34 Difference between SaaS and web application?

I'm currently interested in self-hosting and I recognized that mostly it's about alternatives for SaaS. But not always classical SaaS are targeted (e.g. Home Assistant, IoT, Blogging Platforms). What is the difference between web applications and cloud? I'm not a tech-savvy maybe it's still possible someone could explain me the core differences.
Thanks in advance :)
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2021.09.20 14:16 This-Flight-1490 Give me some suggestions to improve further

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2021.09.20 14:16 ioannavi My cat feeling majestic after a few minutes of chasing around her favorite toy

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2021.09.20 14:16 ASSIDUOYouTube All irreligious people out there, how much money would someone have to pay you to be a "devout" and active member of a church for 5 years?

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2021.09.20 14:16 LogicDog What if:

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2021.09.20 14:16 entalert Sold out at the OCS (Monday, 8:15 a.m. EDT)

😢 Gone (for now)

Product Price
Black Cherry Punch Hash Rosin 1g by Fume TR Signature $67.95
Stock-in tweets @entAlert
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2021.09.20 14:16 HolyGrelo Need 5 tradebacks for shiny charm.

Hi. I was wondering if there's anyone who could help me get the shiny charm. I just need 5 more mons on the dex, Sirfetch'd, Conkeldurr, Excavalier, Heliolisk and Zweilous. If anyone has the time and those pokémon I would be much appreciated. Thanks
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2021.09.20 14:16 Jfmartin67 Happy iOS 15 & iPadOS 15 to you all!

After a long summer of beta releases, today we get to see the final releases of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Are you feeling as excited as a few years ago at the same time? Personally, even if I think those are great iterative updates, I don’t. There is less to grab by developers it seems. I’m not expecting exciting new releases for any of my apps. What about yours?
from Numeric Citizen Microblog https://numericcitizen.micro.blog/2021/09/20/happy-ios-ipados.html
via Numeric Citizn Micro.blog
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2021.09.20 14:16 Soft_Forever1923 Made a beat for Sam using hermetic door alarm

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2021.09.20 14:16 Aston_SP250 My design of a Nordic Normandy

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2021.09.20 14:16 Mac_Gambino If you want a burn, Burn your own Shib or Bury your shib so its locked up & you cant touch it.

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2021.09.20 14:16 OfficialRedditBurner Upgrading to a House in Toronto: Sell or Rent Current Condo?

Hi everyone, I recently bought a house in Toronto, Ontario (hopefully my forever home) and am split on whether to sell or rent my current condo.
Life status: 30M, might get married in the next five years
Income: 250k - I work a high stress 60h+ but secure job in downtown Toronto with continued career upside.
Expenses: I don't track this but I try to live below my means, roughly 50%+ savings rate
Assets: Cash 50k, TFSA 100k, RRSP 100k, other investments 100k (all accounts are in xeqt)
New House:
New House: $1mm semi about 30 minute subway to downtown, requires 50-100k of renos over the next year. Mortgage pmt of 2.7k/mo (30yr variable mortgage at 1.25%), Other costs/taxes another ~1k/mo
Old Condo:
Unit Details: Entertainment district built in 2014, bigger building (40+ floors), higher up with great view but will be a bit worse within 1-2years by other buildings going up, unit is starting to need various small repairs.
Original Purchase: 775k in mid 2019
Estimated Value: 850k (identical units sold for ~900k recently, mine is slightly roughed up)
Mortgage: Monthly payment of $2.4k (1600 to principal, 800 to interest, $600k @ 1.59% fixed until Dec 2025, $2.5k breakage fee if I sold)
Other costs: Maintenance 550, taxes 300, insurance 50
Estimated Rent: $2.8k/mo, several similar units on housesigma rented for ~$3k
My parents used to be landlords, are well versed in the legal aspects, and are pushing me to keep it and rent it out.
If I sell my condo, I'll unlock ~200k of cash after brokelegal fees etc. If I rent it out, I'll get ~1k/mo equity gain. The 1k of monthly equity gain vs 200k translates to a 6% return before any potential capital appreciation (or losses), which seems decent.
I have a great mortgage rate, but I'm not sure how exposed I want to be to real estate overall.
Any thoughts much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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2021.09.20 14:16 That_Hole_Guy Do you think Old Nan really knows stuff? (Spoilers Extended)

Theon Greyjoy had once commented that Hodor did not know much, but no one could doubt that he knew his name. Old Nan had cackled like a hen when Bran told her that...
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2021.09.20 14:16 Sweet-Flight-7758 Economy smp

Bedrock economy server
Bedrock Economy smp
Economy Minecraft server
Economy Minecraft world
We are discord server that plays Minecraft we have a fully functioning government and staff team we use sunflowers as currency need more players https://discord.gg/Etkgf9Vh
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2021.09.20 14:16 VinodJasonDsouza Shiba Inu Receives 'Tribute' From Coinbase and CoinMarketCap For Dominating the Crypto Trends

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2021.09.20 14:16 FishMonkeyCow Temple Street, Hong Kong

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2021.09.20 14:16 dat-lambda Thinking about perfect difficulty for playthrough with my girlfriend on Switch

So here is the deal, I usually play this types of games with my girlfriend. For her the most important parts are the story and the world. So let's say this is automaticly covered by DQ11 and not worry about it. For me story is very important but gameplay is also very important (it needs to be diffcult) but I actually can't stand grinding. My girlfriend also likes cinematic momement during boss fights. Yes I know it is pretty conflicting but there are some chalenginng games with a lot of combat but not specially grinding (for example final fantasy 4, there are tons of random encounters but all those fights are more about resources management and carefull planning on how to last till the end of dungeon). Very difficult but I would say not much grinding.
I am trying to find a middle ground so game will be challenging, but without much grinding and gameplay will not slow down story significantly. I am thinking about either playing it on normal with no low monsters exp and trying to avoid most optional fights and try to get underleveld like Tim Roger suggests. Or play it with extra strong monsters and no low monsters exp. So how does playing underleveled compare to playing somewhat more standard with extra strong monsters ? Has anyone done both ?
With underleveled run I am worried game will end up still too easy and bore me and with extra strong monsters I am worried we will and up burned out and not finish it. Does game become significantly longer to playthrough ?
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2021.09.20 14:16 D262381H Spare ticket to Cardiff show Wednesday 22nd

I have a spare ticket to the Cardiff show on Wednesday if anyone is looking for one?
Ticketmaster resale is unavailable currently.
I will only meet someone at the show and walk in with them as it’s an e ticket.
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